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Maritime Heathen

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Austrugr Kindred

Asatru Lore


Red Elm Hof (not workingcurrently frozen)- Heathens from Missouri, whose excellent articles answer questions such as, What is Recon?, Religion vs Worldview, the Worldview itself, etc. 

Seiðr The writings of Bil Linzie

Sacred Texts - The Internet Sacred Text Archive


Óðrœrir Magazine - A fully downloadable journal dedicated to developing, fostering, and distributing scholastic literature solely regarding the reconstruction of the various pre-Christian religious traditions and cultures of Northern Europe. - is a place to share and follow research

Scribd - a digital library, featuring ebooks and audio books (many of which are free).

Forgotten Books - Welcome to Forgotten Books, the world's largest online library with 484,473 books available on demand.