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Maritime Heathen

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Austrugr Kindred
Please note.  In regards to blot dates, Winterfinding, Summerfinding, and Yule are mentioned in the Heimskringla, along with Disirblot. However, no fixed dates are given.  You can only plough when nature is ready for it, not because it is written in a book for a specific date.  So when you celebrate depends on where you are at the moment and what nature tells you.  It's more a farmers/peasant thing. 
Therefore, this will understandably make dates for a particular blot different in various areas. It makes sense that time-reckoning for blot should be determined by the standard work year of the region rather than relying on a calendar, Gregorian or otherwise.  As such, most blots will be held on a weekend, in the hopes that this will allow for greater attendance.  Different groups will also celebrate (or choose to) other holy days as they deem fit, therefore this list is only intended as a base guide and nothing more.

Nova Scotia


The following is the 2017 schedule

At public meets, look for the Viking Spongebob on the table.

Jan 26th - Nothing planned

Feb - Nothing planned
March 23rd - Summerfinding

April - Nothing planned
May - Nothing planned

June - Nothing planned

Aug - Nothing planned

July - Nothing planned

Sept 21st - Winterfinding

- Nothing planned

Nov - Nothing planned
Dec 21st - Yule

New Brunswick


Nothing known.


Prince Edward Island


Nothing known.